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    how to start clomid after just equipose?

    wondering when to start clomid after coming off of 200mg of eq? also i have 25 pills....what do you guys think is the best way to take them...

    i was thinkn takn 4 on day 1, 3 for day 2&3, 2 for days 4-7 and then take 1 pill for the next 7 days

    i just need to know when to start...i heard to start 1 week after last injection and i heard start 2.5 weeks after last injection...let me know.

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    2.5 wks after last inj.
    if you only have 25 tabs heres how i would do it
    1 tab ed first wk
    2 tabs ed 2nd wk
    1 tab ed 3rd wk till gone

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    Attn: Tomcat

    Hey Tomcat. I just got in my 200mg/ml EQ. I was wondering how you liked it , what your gains were, how many shots/mg you did per week. Any side effects, i am also doing it solo. Please get in touch with me some how, so we can BS about all your basic information on it. Thanks in advance.

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    didn't really have too much in gains, no side effects... a lot of guys will tell you to stack eq with another AS, and its probably best to do so. but i gaind so much from my last cycle on enanthate that i was just tryn to get cut up and thats all i could get hold of. i injected 200mg a week (one cc).
    if you can get your hands on another bottle, it may be a good idea to take 2cc (400mg) each week. but check around.
    there's plenty on info on this site, and you'd be wise to ask some of the senior members and more expeirenced guys on here. good luck

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