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    some opinions please

    I am about to start a 10 week cycle. Wk. 1-10 EQ 500mg/wk. Wk 5-10 Winny 50mg/ed. The problem that I am having is deciding is it better to run Tren Wk 7-10 ed @ 37.5mg or 75mg eod, or does it matter

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    if you're a first time tren 'r go 37.5.

    I would also back the winny and tren two weeks so you can start clomid therapy right after you come off. 7-12 instead of 5-10. I'm seeing a lot of people running your exact cycle. I'll tell you right now, you picked a good one.

    Make sure you got diet, training and rest/recooperation in check, and you will absolutely LOVE the results.

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    papa covered this one pretty well. i would run the winny and fina for 6 weeks at the end...

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