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    Fina users, How long before you start to see results?

    I tend to notice it right about when my 6 weeks it up.

    For this reason I think I'll use it longer, 10-12 weeks for this cycle.

    I'm on my 8th week and am stronger than I've ever been before.

    I know its suppose to be in your system fast, it has a short half life. But I don't know it works different with everyone as far as seeing the results.

    I always put on a quick 10lbs and then slowly gain wieght as it goes, about 1-2lbs a week. Right now I'm staying right around 200lbs though because I'm doing cardo and about to add in some winny, T3, and ECA with it so I might even get down to 190. But either way, I'm just now seeing/feeling the effect of it.

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    i love it...i felt it in a week or two....great pumps...

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