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    My buddy gained 100lbs on the bench in 2 cycles.

    My buddy when from benching 205x1 to benching 305x1 in less then a year. He did it on 2 cycles, mabee it was 3 cycles, but it was in about 10 months time. Is that bad for people to take that much AS? His stack included test, deca 300, and lots of dbols.

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    I think that 3 well planned logical cycles per year is a good guideline to follow. Based on the assumption that time on = time off I don't feel he is endangering himself at all. Again, well planned and logical are the operative words here.

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    that's not what i heard...

    i heard he gained 100 lbs on his bench by using cell-tech and nitro whey!!!greg kovacs told me in between gasping for air.

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