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Thread: cycle time?

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    cycle time?

    I got a buddy whos been on for about 5 months (sus around 500 mg.,E.Q. on up to 800,deca staying at 300), and I believe its way to long, my opinion. He says getting off his stack wont help him achieve his goals. So Im concerned for his health and the possibilities of giving roids a bad rap. Am I out of line? Are do you not really need a break between cycles?


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    Yes you need a break!!!
    Usual cycle is 10-12 weeks + post cycle therapy
    Time on=Time off. He needs to give his liver a break so it can heal itself and also to freshen his receptors.

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    He should at least be using HCG every 8-10 weeks or so. When he finally get off, he is gonna be shut down hard and have a hell of a time getting his nutz back. If he is only using EQ, Deca , and sust, i doubt that any stress has been placed on his liver...

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