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    amazing my upper body changed

    last week i read about pecs and delts injection areas which i asked about forearm area had no
    answer cool so i searched at spotinjection and
    found pec, delt , glutes, triceps, and other
    areas as well for me regular areas r glute, delt
    legs that's it but since my is till sore so i said
    fuck it i'll do it, i had injected in delt before
    for a long period of time and had no change,
    last week i tried delt, pecs and triceps honestly
    2 days later man i couldn't believe my tri's chest
    and delt their big it could be the effect of the
    steriods i really dont know but up to now they
    still big and as i workout looks like their
    getting bigger, some of my boys were telling me
    hey man your hitting the bench real good ha,
    has anyone experienced something of this nature?
    maybe is just me dont know but it feels good..

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    althought i havent gain no more weight i'm happy
    other results like nice vasculatiry, nice cuts so
    i'll stick around see whatelse i get...

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    what are you injecting? I might suggest that it might just be the synthol effect, injecting oil into a muscle would make it bigger.

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    yeah that's exactly what i said i maybe under
    the influence of the steroids , currently i havent
    inject my delts since last week they still big
    i injected my pecs got bigger i'm injecting
    EQ BY TORNEL. last time i injected my delts i did
    t100 and t200 used up 500mg one side did not
    experience anything like this before i hope they
    stay that way i'm doing my homework..

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