Originaly planned on a heavy test / eq / dbol cycle but due to supplement availability and, to a lesser degree, some accumulating chub around the middle due to...extended bulking we'll call it, im considering a prop and winny cycle. Hoping to keep sides to a minimum and pick up some decent maintainable gains. If i can shed some fat in the process even better. I also have deca and dbol available but im planning on enlisting in the Army as soon as i can and id rather not wait out the deca. Should i add some dbol? Or is that going to get a bit hard on the liver with the winny? Im looking for help with shot timing and dosages as well as when to add the winny. I plan on running this cycle 8 weeks. This is what i have going so far. BTW the winny is depot. Thanks in advance!

6'3 215lbs
no cycle history
4 yrs liftin

100mg eod prop wk1-8
50mg eod winny wk1-8
clomid standard dosage scheme