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    Is This Much Winny Good For Me?

    I'm only able to get the 5mg/tab of Winny. Willl it be a waste of time to take approx. 25mg/day of Winny Tabs? If I take 10 tabs of 5mg/tab, will that hurt my liver majorly? Please help, I've tried to search about this.

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    don't drink on it and take liver support (ALA and Milkthistle) if your that woried....try cranberry for your won't see any significant gains (most likely) from just 25mg ED.

    1-How long do you plan to run Winny?

    2-what will your cycle look lik?

    3-what are your stats?

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    back before people knew about msg boards guys often dosed winny like they dose dbol . Gains weren't the same of course but it was used in cutting anyway. You COULD use it like that but no one will recommend it.
    stick with 50mgs, especialy if it's taken oraly.

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