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Thread: how long?

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    how long?

    How long after a cycle of deca , or deca and sustanon , can you start a cycle of clen ? I have no idea on this one. Can you take it with your clomid or do you have to wait a certain amount of time after you finish your clomid?

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    First of all, WHY will you be taking clen ? As a chemical to cut up, or for its anti-catabolic effects? Or both? If its for getting cut, post cycle, then I could personally recommend right after you finish the clomid, for me that would be 4th week post cycle. If its for anti-catabolic purposes, you can start basically anytime after your cycle, provided you do your research and see when your body will be entering a catabolic stage based on the half life of the substances you were taking. If you keep using the long-acting esters up until the end of the cycle, keep in mind that you will still have a large amout of test in your system 2 or 3 weeks out of your cycle.

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