this is what my cutting cycle looks like and i have a few question.

week1-7primbolan depot/200mgs.
week4-8 anavar 8tabs daily
week1-6winstrol depot 100mgs
week6-8 masteron 300mgs a week, injecting about 100 mg every 3 days
week5-8 start at 1 tab daily then everyweek taking 1 more tab
week1-3clanbuterl start with 4tabs then nex week 6 tabs etc.. to week three then week 8-10 clenbuterol same thing as week 1-3
clomid post

is that a legit cutting cycle, do i need more of one thing then the other.....? any alterations need to be made let me know.... will i need an anti-e's

thanx guys