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    question: first cycle gains

    OK. Here's my question;

    How much did you gain on your first cycle (total weight gain) and what did you take? Were you happy with results? And, what would you have done differently?
    Just curious. I'd like to compare my gains to others along the way.

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    there has been threads similar to this, please do a search and youll fin it

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    deca @ 400mg for 9 wk, test @400 wk8-12, dbol @25mg ed wk8-12. don't ask me why i did it this way, i guess it was due to deca dick so i finished with the test and dbol. i had planned on just doing a deca only cycle but not being able to get hard was killing me so i finished up with the test. now that i look at it, it was kind of like clomid therepy with test lol. i gained 40 lbs(most before i even started the test) and kept about 35 of it. not bad huh?

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    First cycle was last year when I was 34. It was 400mg/week of deca and 50mg/EOD of winny depot x 6 weeks. I gained 22lbs and kept 19lbs.

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