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Thread: dbo question

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    dbo question

    can someone please show me pictures of fake dbol tabs. i supposed to of got thai dbol, my friend took 400 of them and didnt gain shit.. he is pissed off at a supplier which i will leave alone till i find ouit its fake then he will be plastered every where, but your help is needed, thanks bro's
    they taste like power, kinda babay powder like and they do have a line across the back of it, they dissoled in his mouth real quick, is this supposed to happen

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    nice name slick, whats the big idea

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    I dont have pics of Thai Dbol , but there are some posted on one of these threads here. They are pink in color, pentagonal shape(5 sides) and have a line running across it and also i believe there is a dragon on the back.
    but look in the forums and you should be able to see Thai dbol pics

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    The dragon is only on the new d-ball. The ones your friend got were definitly fake. If they tasted like powder they are fake. A real d-ball will have a very distinct medicine taste. Kinda like aspirin but worse. They should not dissolve like that either. Just got 5000 yesterday.

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