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    can I just use nolvadex with this cycle???

    can i just do nolvadex at 20 mg per day on a cyp, EQ cycle , 400mg/wk each for ten weeks???

    isn't arimidex better b/c you wont get that rebound effect after your cycle is over?? or is nolvadex and proviron together like using arimidex??? thanx for the help...

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    I would only use it if you experience gyno symptoms but personally i take armidex ed and have nolvedex's as backup in case the tits start to itch or burn.

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    Adex is best. Nolva can be used but it is said to hinder gains (I have not experienced this personal with nolvadex ). If you are gyno sensitive, and aren't gonna use adex, use nolva 20mg ed. If you don't have a prob with gyno just use it if signs of gyno occur but have it on hand from the start.

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