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    Need some help with my next cycle-Sust/EQ ... HELP

    I was originally going to do a Eq/primobolan cycle, but i really dont see myself getting the gains i am really looking for without some test. I am very afraid of test however, majority of the fear being in bitch tits. This will be my second cycle ever, and i was thinking about running the Sust250, just 250mg per week. Im assuming that is one shot, every monday. And the EQ 400mg per week, 2 shots one monday and one thurdsday (200mg/ml eq). Now here is where i really need the help. What anti estrogens do i get and how many of them. I was going to get 100 nolvadex and 100 proviron . How do i take them though, do i start taking both of them as soon as i start my cycle, or wait it out a little bit? i am the type of person who likes to be better off safe than sorry, so i dont mind spending th emoney whether i will need them or not. Thats also why i am running the sust just 250mg weekly, but will that be pointless? I was going to do weeks 1-3 250mg sust, weeks 4-5 500mg sust, weeks 6-8 250mg. Through weeks 1-8 400mg EQ. Please help me out wiht any advice you guys could. It all will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    If you take one proviron a day you should have no noticeable estrogen related side effects. Just hold the nolve to the side incase you start to get itchy nips, and if you do take 20-40 mg a day until the end of your cycle.. then follow with clomid and or hcg ...

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    Ok bro, I just ran a cycle exactly like you listed.
    1-10 Sust 250 (Organon)
    1-10 EQ 400mg (TT)
    7-12 Winny 50mg ED (TT)

    I gained 18 lbs off of this combo and strength went up as well. I used .25-.5mg of Liquidex ED and it is the shit! I will never do a cycle without L-Dex...I had NO sides!

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    you might wait for some more vets or seniors to post a bit, when I posted a question about Sus a while back I was told it does not do as well when only taken 1 time weekly because it has short and long term esters in it and that you are better off with T200 or something of that nature. This is only what I heard then, I am not a pro at this so take it or leave it. Just a FYI. If you have to PM a mod

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    estrogen related gyno is very easy to control,so if your using sustenon you should use it 2x wk =500 mg is a blend of fast/slow esters.
    if you use 1 amp wk,it reality you are only riding about 140 mg test after the prop is used up(1-2 days)
    do like big rush sugested and get some liquidex,and have noveldex on hand.
    also dont forget clomid,start that 2.5 wks after your last shot.

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