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    What can one do before cycle to maximize gains during the cycle?

    What can one do before a cycle to maximize gains during the cycle?

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    Have your diet and workout down to a exact science.

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    But science is still not sure about the 'right' diet and right training. Lots of different theories. But if you have some good articles, I'll be happy to read them all.

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    Take a week off right before to try and prevent overtraining which CAN happen on cycle. Use this time to plan a NEW training program and finalize your diet.

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    If you want to maximize gains, then you need to think about these rules for diet:

    1. Get enough protien
    2. Get enough Calories
    3. Drink Enough water
    4. Get all your basic Vits and Minerals

    And your set. Maximizing mass gains through diet is not that hard. Simply put, eat your ass off. Yes, you can get huge off of McDOnalds and Burger King everyday. Hell its a ton of protien and calories. Granted, you will gain a ton of fat along with that. If you want lean gains, then it gets a little more complicated. Now you have to pay more attention to what you eat, its no longer as simple as eat a ton of protien and calories.

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    Excellent replies. But what about a few years of hard core natural training under the belt.

    Max out your genetic potential before launching your AS career. I know easier said than done and bullshit for most but I did my first inject at 28 years old and 8 years of natural lifting.

    The "natural foundation" does in fact predicate future gains AND MORE IMPORTANTLY what you will look like when your AS career ends as lifes other endeveors shadow our egos from being a dude in the 99th percentile of physiques.

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    I totally agree with Planetx. But assuming that you've already done this, definitly take that week off, rest,rest,rest, get everything down on paper.
    Food: what your gonna eat, what time are you going to eat it, is that meal well planned for the time of day your eating it?, Eat good quality food. McD's is ok everyonce in a while, maybe 2-3 cheat meals a week, but you can grow just as easily if you eat clean. Besides, gaining weight doesn't just mean gaining muscle if you know what I mean.

    Work outs: What body parts need the most work? Which muscle groups need more rest? Within each muscle group where does it need work (ie chest, do you need more upper mass or lower, inside depth?, quads, need more outter sweep or inner?) Get the point?

    Rest: Don't over train!!!

    AS: Have everything ready to go, everything.

    This is a science and the planning you do is directly proportional to your gains.

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