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    Question first cycle

    I am 35 years old and have been training seriously now for three years, I have never used any form of drug before and have decided after much deliberation and study that I should try a cycle. I have the following in mind and would like the advice of any experienced user.

    10 weeks Dec 200mg with 240mg Andriol . At the end of 10 weeks I was going to use clen for 10 weeks about 140mcg ( working up to this level).

    I also wish to use proviron , but am unsure as to when in the cycle to add this, I have a huge concern with gyno.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    not sure you can be helped

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    200mgs of deca is way to low of a dose for you to see much if any gains. as for the andriol , i personally dont like that drug. it needs to be taken every 2 hours and if you plan on taking only 240mgs of that per week you wont see any gains from that either. if you shot only 240mgs of prop a week you might see slight results but this oral test is alot harder for your body to break and use so you wont be actually even getting 240mgs. i would get some test
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