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Thread: cycle feedback

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    cycle feedback

    I have built a good body naturally for 2 years. I am trying a cycle of PH, 19-nor/4-ad now. For my first AS cycle I want to run:

    Week 1-8 200mg Test En
    Week 2-6 50mg Fina ED
    Post cycle clomid therapy, running vitex throughout because it may help prevent gyno, just to be safe. Is the test dosage too low? I am 21 5'8" 180 13%BF. I want to gain some quality mass, and cut up. I have seen cycle results with people running fina only and putting on some good mass, strength, and also dropping BF, which is what I am looking to accomplish. I want to run the test as an extra boost, and to avoid fina dick. I have a good diet, and I train hard. Is this a good first cycle? I have read that test is not good for a first cycle, same with fina due to the ED injections. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    There are no problems at all with having Test in a first cycle mate... Many people actually suggest Test only cycles for a First time user.. (not what I am personally going to do, but many people swear by it)...

    As Yes Fina is definatly not recomended for first time users bro... (unless others here disagree?).. It is a very strong steroid mate, and is generally recomended for guys with a couple of cycles under their belt... So you know how your body reacts to AS before hitting the harder stuff... If your saying you want to put on Lean Body mass mate then Eq or Winny (numerous other options) could possibly be better choices for your first time mate...

    Good Luck Bro..


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