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    Lightbulb Need Help

    I NEED HELP!!!!

    I'm courious as to what kind of cycle i need in order to attain the physique I want. I'm 6'3, 210 lbs., with ruffly about 17% body fat. In the past month I re-dedicated myself to the gym and i have shed 30 lbs.
    I am still not happy though since I was fatter, I'm having problems that any person who was fat like i was would have. The basic areas of my body that are still not co-operating are my chest(flabby pecs),stomach(spare tire). I'm not looking to get big right now all i want to do is cut the rest of my fat of my body, lower my body fat, and harden up my muscles. I was thinking about taking 20cc of wynsrtol and stacking it with 15-20cc of sus and then taking clenbuterol as an excess fat burner. What do you think? Will this give me the results i want and if not what will. I need to know ASAP, I want to get started.


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    hey bro if you just want to slim down get a good cardio workout, and hit the gym a couple times a week and watch what you eat, like cabs and fatty foods (cut out the dam fast food that shit will kill you!!!!) you dont need steroids to slim down

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