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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    I've been thinking of doing a cycle with these roids. Deca , Masteron , Primobolan depot, Winstrol . Please keep in mind that I'm not a body builder and what I'm looking for is not to get real big it's just to get strength and some size. I'm 6 feet , 200 lbs, body fat is aprox. 13%.
    My past has been a liitle deca only.
    How much of each? Should I use all of these?

    clomid at the end as well.
    Thanks for the help
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    Well, primo is overpriced and the masteron will more than likely be fake. I would do this

    week 1-10 400mg test
    weeks1-12 75mg fina evd
    weeks6-12 50mg winny evd

    You could also sub eq in there for the fina if you don't want to do that many shots. Use it at 400mg per week...

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