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    Cool Healing Shoulder Injury

    Hey everyone,

    I've been on the board reading for months but have had to put off the startup of my first cycle. My initial plans were to start up back in March, but in late February, I injured my shoulder doing bench press. It was a stupid thing since I didn't warm up enough nor stretch good enough. Lesson learned and good habits are now practiced. Anyway, its now almost July and I still can't bench to full capacity. I had an MRI done and the tissue is still inflamed. The doctor is planning to inject a steriod (not anabolic ) to speed up the healing process. My question is, how long should I wait until I start up the AS cycle? I obviously lost some weight and I want it back. Should I try to get back where I was and then start the cycle? And will AS also help the injury since some are known to do so? My planned cycle is 250 SUS per week/200-300 deca combined with Nolvadex as a precautionary aide. I am 27 years old, weigh 205, 11% BF. My diet is roughly 45% protein, 40% carbs, and 15% fats. When I cycle, I'll increase protein intake to 350 - 400 grams a day, liquid aminos, 2 grams vitamin c a day, 2 grams vitamin b complex, and a multivitamin (probably creatine as well.) Any advice will be appreciated. Also, I am currently living in Mexico so I have easier access to some items. I just chose these two AS's since it was recommended by so many.

    Thanks to ALL.

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    Same shit happened to me, but mine was worst. Due to my shoulder injury I could not bench, curl, shoulder press I could barely curl 10lb with my right arm while doing 50lb easily with my left one. My right side of my body shrunk. I had an MRI and x-rays done, paid shit load of money to therapists, and you know what? nothing changed. My friend who happens to be a doctor advised me to inject winstrol in my shoulder to speed up the healing process, after 4th week of 300mg winny/w and 200mg primo/week finally my shoulder got better. If you take my word and do AS you will see that your shoulder would heal faster.

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    Thanks for the advice alevok!! I think I'll do the same. Anyone else have a say so?


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    My cycle is put on hold due to the same thing. Right shoulder...rotator..

    I am taking a lite dose of winny as a sort of 'bridge', until it heals because I don't want to lose any more mass than I already have. I just went and did rehab on it today...couldn't even dumbell bench 10lbs...I did a lot of rotator exercises, which felt fine, and actually it felt good..but as soon as my shoulders dropped below parallel on the downward motion of the d'bell bench...there it was! I absolutely hate being injured...but it's my own fault, I stopped working my rotators directly and look what happens...Hopefully it will be better VERY soon. VERY VERY SOON. Take care of your joints..cuz once they go, your whole game is fugged up.

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    It is key that you wait for your injury to heal. You will mentally be better if you do. If your chest cannot keep up with the strength of yhour back, bis, legs and other muscle groups, you will be out of proportion. Let it heal...the AS will always be there, but if you push your shoulder, you could be looking at 1 year layoff to heal...

    then you waste your money and time.

    Just my .02

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