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    holy hurtness HCG pain??

    this is the first time im running hcg throughout my cycle and the injection pain was horrendous. never have i felt a stinging sensation this great. i would think it was b/c of water but ive injected water based products before. any input on this?/ is it supposed to hurt this bad?

    also, should i be injecting intramuscularly, or subcataneoulsy?

    i did intramuscular

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    make sure you really stir/shake the syringe before shooting, make sure its evenly dissolved, and if you storing it in the fridge id suggest waiting till its room temp. before injecting.
    just last week man, i had a pain of an injection with hcg , it happens.

    as for where, id inject intramuscular, but i think you can inject it subcutaniosly but im not positive.

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    dont mean to jack the thread, but do u need to aspirate with HCG ?

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    Just like anything else, you need to aspirate if you are going IM with it. I much prefer going sub q. I have never experienced any pain with it, and I run gh 8iu EOD so I have plenty of slin pins around all the time! I am at the tail end of a cycle with 200 mg Prop/EOD, 200 mg tri-tren /EOD and 50 mg Winny/EOD. Staggered out, that is three injections every two days. Frankly, throwing an intra-muscular HCG shot in there every fifth day just does not sound all that enjoyable. Bad enough that the Prop and the Winny hurt so bad the first few weeks that I was limping and had trouble moving my arms at the same time. I felt like a big muscular retard!

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    Even if you shoot sub-q you should aspirate . And yes sometimes HCG does sting like a mofo, depends what you reconstitue with I believe. And I always shoot it sub-q as well.

    And dont shake the HCG either, just stir it around with the needle if you think you need to.

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    just make sure you are using sterile BAC water

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    use bac water and inject sub q and you should be alright.

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    yes sub-s is the way to go but u should inject very slowly slower then normal is easy to bruise when going in belly fat

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