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    What are the differences between the 3? Tren 75, Tren Depot, Trinabol

    I know about the profiles forum, but only Tren is profiled.

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    The only difference is the ester. tren 75 is acetate ester. tren is the enanthate ester and tri-Trenabol is a mixture of 3 esters. someone correct me if i'm wrong. King
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    tren acetate
    tren enanthate
    there is also tren hexa..... (parabolan )

    different mg/ml, different ester... different injections schedule.... same drug!

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    Yea if you are doing this for your first time, tren ace is recommanded incase you get handle the sides. Tren e will take longer to feel the side effects, and if there bad your going to go through them longer period of time before the it gets out of your system. As for tren hex? im not to sure i know its a mixture but i dont know how long it takes exactly to kick in. That why i want to do tren ace, i only hear good things if you dont inccur the sides

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