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    Need Advice..progress so far on cycle.

    I'm starting week 7 Tomorrow.
    Week 1-4 TestC 250mg Deca 200mg GH3iu 5/2
    week 4-12 TestC 500mg Deca 400mg Gh3iu 5/2

    I upped the dose because I was able to get more through my HRT company.
    I started at 197 lbs, I'm now 207lbs, up 10 lbs.

    17% BF
    training 4 days a week.

    I was hopping to gain more than the 10 lbs so far. I'm starting week 7. I've been very patient and am pretty happy so far. I've really upped the calories these past couple weeks...averageing 3500-4000/ day.
    Did the intial low dose screw me out of some gains?
    Should I gain much more with whats left on my cycle?
    Any other advice to maximize this cycle?

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    Yes you will gain more, yes your low cals f'd you up but you've fixed it.

    IMO you should have lost some flub before starting, and you shoulda had your diet down before starting. Good luck with the rest.

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