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    bump sus up to 750mg/wk?

    cycle history:

    cycle 1: wk1-8: 400mg/wk test e
    with proper pct

    im on my second cycle now:

    i planned to do 500mg sus for 14 weeks. im on my 8th week and have seen good strength gains but only about 5 lbs mass gain. i have enough sus to bump my dosage up to 750mg a week. if i do that i will hafta end my cycle at 12 weeks. should i bump up the dosage or stick with my original plan. do most of u see serious mass gain toward the end of your cycle. my first cycle was a waste. i cut it too short and didnt gain all that much...mostly just some decent strength.
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    If you are seeing strength gains, I would look at my diet first before bumping up the dose. Mass gains will come with proper calorie management

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