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    ive went to 3 different pages an none of them give the same advice. like winstrol some pages say its bad for exsplosive athletes the others say its great for athletes. and test prop some say its realy painful to inject others say its easy. could some 1 tell me which facts r right. those r the 2 im considering to go on

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    the fact is no two ppl will experience the same thing when it comes to AAS. Is winstrol bad for explosive athletes?? Hmmm, well if you recall Ben Johnson was caught taking Winny and he was an explosive athlete. Also, as far as pain from prop is concerned, most will experience a lot of pain, and others will not. Or it maybe those that are ok with prop just have a higher threshold for pain. From my own personal experience with prop, it is hands down the most painful injectible I have used. Is it cripling pain? No, it is like you got a really bad bruise.

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    winny is great for muscle groth and all things related to it
    winny will tear apart your joints (some people say they dont experince problems but the fact is the studies show that it increases cologen synthesis but the cologen produced is of the lowest quality)
    stronger faster muscles in exchange for weak joints

    the brand matters and the concentration if you step into the lab you could see how to make it at 100mg/ml or more painless with eo in place of (or in combination with) oil

    and if you dont want to homebrew i believe that Fasmark prop is painless at 50mg/ml because its in eo.. i have no experience but its what i have heard how it is made
    someone please correct me if i spelled Faskark wrong

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