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Thread: Two or Three?

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    Two or Three?

    I am going to get my hands on testosterona 200 and boldenon 200 this wed. i have 2 cycles under my belt, 1st deca /dbol and second aratest/dbol/winny....... this one will be straight enth. and eq, and possibly fina at the end to solidify, cut and maintain gains. Now my question is this: Should i do two bottles of each or three? At 2 it would mean 400mg/enth and 400mg/EQ week mon./thurs. and at 3 it would be 600mg/enth and 600mg/EQ mon./wed./fri. seeing that i am a novice would 3 be too much of a waste, or would the extra one per week actually benefit me. i could also get 3 bottles of enth and 2 bottles of EQ and run it at 500mg/enth. 400mg/EQ mon. thurs. My stats are 5'9" 180lbs. under 12% bf, very consistent diet and training program and creatine/glutamine and the new nighttime protein complexes as natural supps. any suggestions would be highly appreciated and thanx to every1 who replies and responds to these threads. its a great atmosphere to be in and very beneficial esp. to a novice like myself. Thanx


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    In my opinion, since you said you are a novice and although you have done two cycles before, I think that if your diet and training is down good, then doing your first plan would be best.

    400mg of each per week should give you great gains. No need for 600mg, that seems a bit too high. That's 1.2 grams a week. Save that for a future cycle.

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    Weeks 1-10 600mg Test
    Weeks 1-10 400mg EQ
    Weeks 7-12 75mg Fina/day

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