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    Need help putting together 2nd cycle

    Im going to start my second cycle in about 2 weeks. My first cycle was 8 weeks Sus/250 mg and 300/mg Deca per week. I gained about 20lbs.....lost about five of that since...been 8 weeks. I have enough gear for for a few cycles..just not sure what do do for my next cycle. I have the following :

    30 Sus Redijects
    2 Bottles of Ttokkyo EQ
    2 Bottles of tt Deca 300
    300 10mg tt winny
    300 5mg tt anavar

    My plan is to do another bulking cycle and then a cutting cycle after that. How should I incorporate these into my bulking cycle? any help is appreciated. stats are 6'2" 191, 12% bf....been training for 4 years..Im 28.

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    sust 500mgs-750mgs/week (1-10)
    EQ 400mgs/week (1-10)
    winstrol 50mgs ED OR anavar 40mgs Ed (7-13)

    save the deca and one of the orals.

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    iron horse, nicely done. i am doing an almost identical cycle in september. sust or some type of test @ 500mg for 12 weeks, eq @ 400mg for 12 weeks (might kick it up to 600 i heard of better gains this way) and winny or anaver @ 40/50 mg ed from weeks 8-12...


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    Don't forget about your Clomid and Anti-estrogen!

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