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Thread: fina cycle

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    fina cycle

    im looking for some critique on my next cycle here is what i am thinking

    test prop weeks 1-4 100mg ed
    cypinate weeks 1-12 400mg
    EQ weeks 1-12 400mg
    fina weeks 6-13 75mg ed
    winni weeks 6-13 50mg ed

    its based on a cutting cycle and im 210 lbs about 13% BF thanks to all that help

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    sounds good to me bro,you should try to take 600 mg of eq,for the 2 first weeks at should divide the fina in 1-4 and 8-12,but it's just my personal opinion..

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    I would run it like this:
    1-12 cyp 400mg/week
    1-12 eq 400mg/week
    1-4 fina 35/75mg ed
    8-12 test. prop
    8-12 fina
    11-15 winny
    clomid 8 hours after last winny

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    now there is two differnt finaplix 's i have run into one is Intervet Revalor® G (Weaned Pasture Cattle) 40mg Trenbolone Acetate, 8mg Estradiol per dosess to one is and the other is HR Vet Finaplix® H (Heifer) 200mg Trenbolone Acetate per dose what one should i use?

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    if u want to build you lower pecs and have nipples the size of golf balls i would go with Revalor due to the extra 8mg of estradiol.

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