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    question about t3 doses

    i just added t3 to my cycle of EQ, and clen ...adding winny and anavar this week...but my question is, when i get into the higher doses of t3, is it ok to take the entire days dosage at one time or should i split it up? example: if i am taking 60mcgs/day, should i take all 60mcgs in the morning or should i take 20mcgs 3X a day or does it even make a difference?


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    I would split it into 2 even doses spaced evenly apart.

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    You will get mixed reviews... I have always taken mine in one dose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesomorphyl
    You will get mixed reviews... I have always taken mine in one dose.
    Yeah, members are always split on the administration of T3 and Clen . The bottom line is that both have such long half-lives that it doesn't matter.
    However, the latter is often split if sides are not well tolerated.


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    in the am on an empty stomach...

    that's how it is prescribed to my wife by her doc as well...
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    all at one time am when you wake up

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