here's my dilemma. I'm starting my first cycle ever. I'm using sust 1-8wks at 300mg. Now I'm only 5'10 about 190 so i'm expecting to see some good mass gains from the sust. The problem is that I want to get ripped also and I want to keep a lot of my gains. I hear that equipoise , primo and winny will help me do this. The problem is that primo and winny are quite pricey for 8 and 6weeks worth respectively and with equipoise I'm subject to testing in less than 5months before I would be done with it. I would like to do the winny for 6 weeks starting the 6th week of the sust but the price is steep and i wanted to know if 4wks of winny would give me good gains that I could keep. If not then what about primo for 6wks only after the sust and for the eq if there's any way i could get it out of my sytem within a couple months then I'd be sold on that. Let me know what you guys think.