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    test e and deca cycle question

    I am taking 500mg week of test enanthate and 400mg week of deca . Just got some new deca in that is 300mg/ml (the stuff I ran out of was 200mg/ml). How do I measure out 200/mg of deca (1 shot, twice a week) from the 300/mg deca?

    Should I just say screw it and just run 600mg/week along with the 500mg of test enanthate? Worried maybe my better half won't function correctly with more deca than test since you can get deca dick!!!

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    I may be reading this wrong so bear with me. If your gear is 300mg/ml, then 1/2 a cc would 150mg. So 1 and a half cc's would put ya at 450 right? That shouldn't throw ya off too much, as far as your cycle. Your test would then be 500 mg ew and your deca would be 450. Or up your test too 750 ew and keep your deca at 600 either way, you'd be fine.


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    I am running 250mg of test e (1cc) and 150mg of deca (1/2cc) twice a week you really should not notice a big difference running it just like that. I am on my third week of it and already have solid gain. Just my 2 cents

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    I just started a 750mg wk Test E/ 600mg Deca wk with 100mg prop for 3 weeks up front. I would do the 500mg Test/450 Deca and you should be fine.

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