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Thread: Test vs DHT

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    Test vs DHT

    Which has a lesser chance for hair loss, would it be using test only because it has to convert or would it be just as bad or worse if drol was in the picture? I am prone to mpb and have already had hair loss on a cycle of test, eq, and winny, I figured this time around I can skip the winny because that was the probably the problem right there.

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    All steroids can cause hair loss , but deca seems to cause little hair loss.But with MPB youll probably lose your hair if you stay on the juice, If you take test and eq use finestride and that will help you from getting sides from the test plus helps the prostate theres and even better drug than finestride but i forget the name you can resurce it on the ARR web site

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    Finasteride and Dutasteride will only help for Test

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    MPB is caused by DHT in the scalp. If you know you're MPB prone, you want to stay away from compounds that are DHT-derived, such as Anadrol .

    The drug Jucinator is trying to think of is Dutasteride. Like Finesteride, it prevents Testosterone from converting to DHT.

    Here is a site that will help

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