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    All About It

    Used to do a lot of research on the subject (roids) but all interest faded until recently. Ive decided to go about trying to reclaim my football days and would like the intial boost in my training. Im 19, 6'1 about 200 lbs - skill player. Since cardio is going to be a big part of my routine, which cycles would u guys reccommend? thx alot

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    At 19 I wouldn't be looking at AS. Your natural test levels are so high you can make some superb gains with just good diet. I also don't think any AS will give you a boost in training that features lots of cardio. I have always found all AS impacted my cardio in a negative way, out of breath,lack of agility. Why not try posting your diet in the diet forums for critique. Good luck with your football comeback. Hope it goes well!

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