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    Got sick during cycle

    I was at week four of an 600mg wk EQ and 750mg wk sus cycle. I had gained 8lbs already. I got a combination of an ear infection, sinus infection and strep throat. I spent 5 days in bed with a 102F fever and it took me a week and a half to get back to the gym. I lost 7lbs and am very weak. I know that the strength will come back fast but putting on weight is something that is hard for me. What I want to know is what could I have done to prevent the weight lose? The only thing I could think of is clen but that would have made me worse I think.

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    probably not much you could have done. Hopefully that was just 7lbs of water retention you lost.

    it's a raw deal getting a fever during a cycle- I guess all you can do is work that much harder for the rest of the cycle.

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    Im just getting over a nasty sinus infection that began and lasted through week 8, Im sure that I lost some hard earned body weight simply b/c I couldnt keep my calories up. Im going to try to step it up in week 9 and 10. Hope I can get it back. Good Luck

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