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Thread: new cycle

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    new cycle

    I am 6'0 170 lbs. My body fat is 8%. My body wieght is very misleading.
    I have one problem with my body, and it is my narrow shoulders. I am about to take 14 amps of sustanon 250, clenbuteral, clomid, and novildex. I also want to define my stomach a little more. Can someone please help me with some advice. Thanks

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    what is your workout history like... if i were you i would run a 3 day split... back/arms (kinda long workout), legs/calves, chest/shlds. Abs I do everyday -- swiss ball cruch, rope crunches, reverse crunches.
    EAT EAT EAT... lots of clean protein sources and LETS SEE A PIC so we can better assess whether or not you have reached your genetic potential. Because most of my clients who want to use gear I change their diet and workout routine and they grow as much if not more than if they were on a first cycle and they are happy.
    BUT if you are intent on using, the cycle you have is fine, drop the clen , add eq or deca , and add proviron 25me ED. Have enough nolva on hand and know how/when to use the clomid. Good luck

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