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    First I would like to say hey to everyone, i've checked out the board quite a few times and really like a lot of the advice, it has been informative. I'll give you all my history, and then ask my questions..

    33 years old 5'10 (or just about) 200-217ish (depends on training and diet) did work out a little when i was 19-21, then stopped for years. Now been working out seriously since about 33 years old. Best bench 425lbs (I was 217lbs, then my training kinda slipped off) Been training seriously again for a few months..I never stopped, just got sloppy for a long time you know and now best is 405lbs..which is totally cool with me (I am about 205) I always train heavy and with intensity. I am not concerned with getting back up to the 425 bench, so strength is not a factor in my questions. So, when I was 19, I cycled Omnadren (spelling) nothing else, then at like 21 tried some eq and deca for about 12 weeks then stopped all training and of course steroids . I then started training serioulsy at age 26 clean, no juice at all, now 33 and still no juice since about age 21. When i get up past 205, i start to get a little chunkier than i would like to be so I am always going back and forth in my head, get bigger or cut up?? So I am thinking I want to try steroids again and see where that takes me. My only goal/concern is looking good. I am strong enough, have lots of energy etc.. so it's all about looking muscular without the extra chub. My body fat would be about 13%, has been as high as 18%. So I am not fat by any means, but ..well only you guys would understand a lot of this, a lot of family friends do not , there like man you;re huge, you look buff, they don;t get it. It's not a hobby, it's a way of life. I read and read, but I still have no clue what type of cycle I should be doing? I hear stay away from test as it will make me fat..or look fat, then others say your muscles will be much bigger and fuller, so you will look more cut? I guess what I want is to stay at 210-215, but not carry the bulk! Is it possible?.. I hope I am asking correctly, and gave enough history on myself so you guys can give me the best advice. One more thing, I look a lot younger than my age, and my g/f is 21... so I do not want to take anything that will me me appear older (not sure if juice will cause this or not) I do understand the hair loss possibilty,and of course that could make me look older.But I'll deal with that if it happens (don't think I'lll have that issue) I would really appreciate any help you guys could give. Thanks

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    First, welcome to AR bro...I am sure you will find all the answers you were looking for, and some you probably were not

    By the sounds of what you are saying, you are looking more to cut up and lose a few pounds. From what you have stated, size and strength are not really the issue for you. Although there are some great steroids out there one can take to cut up (tren , eq, winny, var...just to name a few), I think you may just want to try and fine tune your diet and workout program. Have you tried looking in the diet/nutrition forum yet? A lot say that their diets are in check, but after reading up find out that it really is not. Try posting up your current diet to get some feedback from some experts who can guide you in the proper direction.

    Good luck!

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