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    beating the tests

    Hey guys, I read through the whole section on beating the tests in the forum but it was all based around weed and not so much juice. It also didn't really answer many questions for me about getting the stuff out of you in time for testing. I wanted to know if anyone knows any good sites where they give good info on how to beat the test or good info on products that help the cleaning out process. Any help here would be appreciated bc being an athlete and subject to testing makes it really tough to use juice when you don't know how long it will take to be able to pass a piss test.

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    use juice that is "in and out"
    such as prop,fina,dbol ,anavar

    Do a search for "The athletes Stack"

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    welcome aboard, yeah you can use short life gear, couple of my bros passed pees tests, by drinking a lot of H2O, they were checking for mary & alki

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