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    Planning Cycle -

    I just finished a d-bol and T-400 cycle. The results were ok however my gains really slowed in the last part of the cycle. I have dropped about 5 lbss but have keep a good amt of them and I finished at the beginning of June. Still fairly happy overall but I think this time I will stay away from the 17aa's. I am looking for some advice on using 300mg's of Eth for weeks 1-6 then using 300mg's of eq weeks 4-10. How well does eq hold your gains when coming off test? Also since eq doesn't surpress your natural test would it allow your body to recover from the Eth? Then wrap everything up with clomid? Thoughts? Opinions?

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    well, here's my thoughts.........

    for what their worth bro,
    if you run the enanthate for only six weeks you'll be coming off just as it gets rolling. same with the eq. if you want to keep the doses fairly low, run each for 10 weeks minimum and try this:

    test enanthate weeks 1-10 400mg/week split into 2 shots
    eq weeks 1-10 400mg /week split into 2 shots

    you can mix the enan and eq in the same syringe, and shoot each 2 times a week. simple but effective.
    keep in mind, that with no kickstart, (dbol or anadrol ), your gains wont be real noticeable until week 4 or so.
    btw- eq does supress your natural test level, its just not as harsh as some of the other stuff out there.

    peace bb79
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