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    run and eat on cycle?

    I need to know if i should run every day on my next cycle
    I also heard that i should just eat everything i can no matter what it is to gain all the weight i can...then when i get off i will be better off
    my cycle is sustanon ,clen ,clomid,and novaldex

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    sounds like your contradicting your goals, i see this far too often. there was an excellent post the other day about body builders who do cardio while on cycles who had less gains than those who didn't do heavy cardio, the answer? if you want nice gains go easy on the cardio. plus your taking sust, a bulking steroid , why would you take clen and do cardio with it? take some eq, winny, primo, fina, etc if you wanna take clen and get cardio, your saying your out to gain all the weight you can also, cardio definately isn't going to help you there, to gain weight/bulid muscle you need an excess of calories, cardio will eat those calories, so, dont do such a thing. =P good luck


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