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    Just got mono and losing gains quick!!!

    I just got mono last week and my weight has dropped quick. When I got off my last cycle I weight 230 and now im down to 220 now. Doctors told me not to do anything for two months. Im weaker then hell right now. The only thing I do is sleep and puke. I haved mono two other times so I know how it works. Im probally going to lose another 20 pounds before its over with. So it comes down to I busted my ass for three months on my last cycle for nothing

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    Can you drink protein shakes? DDo your best to keep protein high. I've never had mono so I don't have much helpful info for you. Sorry to hear it bro. That sucks. At least you'll bounce back quick. Keep positive if you can.

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    i had mono before too, the previous suggestion is good, keep your protein high. you'll be sooo weak, and you can expect to lose some more muscle. but the body is going to release aminos from the muscle when it needs energy, so keep the protein high and it wont need to, good luck bro, feel for yah


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