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    Quality Vet cycle

    im thinking of doing a cycle of 300mg deca and 250mg enanthate both by qualiy vet. i will do a 10 week with 500mg/week of enanthate and 300/week of deca, and clomid at the end. should i use any nolvadex or proviron and if so when and how much. and is quality vet good stuff.

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    you only need the nolva for side effects.

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    I just started on a cycle including QV eq. The results will be updated weekly in members cycle results. I'll let ya know what I think of their eq.

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    Just finishing up with the DECA300, no complaints from me. Only use the nolva during your cycle if you start to experience gyno-like sides, although if the gyno is from the DECA , it wont help, but it should battle against gyno from the test. If your looking for alternatives to nolva, try arimidex or liquidex, which can both be taken throughout your cycle. Do a search for more info, you probably could have answered your questions yourself by searching, people have been asking alot about qv stuff lately. Dont be afraid to use that search button. Good Luck!

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