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    Question water-based deca????

    has anyone ever heard of a water-based deca ....i havent heard of it, someone claims to have it---selling at about $400 a cycles worth, im unsure of doesages or even what lab made it, sorry for such a vague description i was just suprised to hear of deca in a water based solution.
    if it does exist, what are its pro compared to a reg oil based???

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    Kick that guy in the balls next time you see him. I have never seen water based deca ; I have also never seen Santa Clause. There is a reason for this...... Anyway, even if it did exist - N F W - four hundred bucks is ABSURD. Like I said, apply your foot to this guy's scrotum when your paths cross again and tell him scammers go to hell.

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    I've never heard of water based deca , i don't believe it exists...

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    I'm with JP1570 on this one. Kick that guy in his nuts for trying to sell fake shit at a very high price.

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