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    First Cycle For Friend?

    Hey my cousin is 6 foot 200lbs has been trainin for more then 3 years and eats like a horse. He has asked me too reasearch a cycle for him. This is what he has availible to him Gh, Test e, Winny, Fina, and Anadrol . How would you the more experienced suggest he cycle these drugs and at what dosages?? It would be his first cycle. I can hook him up with post cycle therapy just need help with that. I don't know much about Gh, so not sure how to cycle the others with it. Please help.

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    If it's his first cycle I would DEFINATLYnot recommend GH, tren or anadrol as they are all for more experienced users...especially the GH!!Look at getting him hooked up with anice simple enth/deca /dbol cycle.
    weeks 1-4 dbol @ 35mg/day
    weeks 1-10 enth @ 400mg/week
    weeks 1-10 deca @ 400mg/week
    week 13 clomid 300mg/day 1, 100mg/day x next 10 days, 50mg/day x next 10 days
    also make sure he has either nolvadex or arimidex .

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    If I was you and get your friend to do the research as well, maybe you can help him along. Doesn't he care enough about his body to check it out himself? If not he shouldn't be taking AS.

    Otherwise, Pete is right on about the GH! That's a no no for now.

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    Research, research, research. Oh yeah did I say research. Then do the cycle. Great points bro's

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