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    Exclamation Question about cigarettes, a little different however....

    Ok, well in the past year I've completely stopped drinking. Tomorrow will be my one year date to which I havent had a single drink in a year. I do however have one small thing I can't completely get rid of, and thats smoking. However, I now only smoke on friday's and saturday's and I only smoke like 6 cigs total, 3 each day and its mostly at night. I may have one sometime during the week after dinner, but that's rare. My question is this, I'm currently on which I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, but I'm curious to the question whether smoking may hinder my gains. Truth be told, I know they are horrible in every other aspect, but I'm wondering if it could be hindering my gains at all. It does speed up your metabolism correct? I know when I smoke I do tend to eat more, Like I'll be full, smoke a cig, and then be hungry again. I believe smoking does hinder the absorbtion of certain vitamins? Does anyone kinda see where I'm going with this? People do lose weight when they smoke, and that could be a result of increased metabolism, but I'm wondering if it could effect my body's anabolism to ability to build muscle. Anyone have any comments?

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    all those chemicals must make it harder for your body to be health and maintain your weight. I dont think you'll see a big difference, but Im thinking you gain better if you didnt smoke for sure.

    try the patch or gum if your having trouble.

    nicotine, is a cns stimulant, and can burn fat slightly, but it must burn more then fat with all those chemicals I'd assume.

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    Smoking does reduce your blood circulation, that's not good for bobybuilders.

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