I am a week into 500mg EQ/week and 50mg winny ed (winny for first 4 weeks, EQ for weeks 1-10, then run winny 9-12) I have gotten my hands on: 60 112mcg tabs of Levothyroxine (t4) and 120 50mcg tabs of Cytomel , plus 75 200mg capsules of DNP . So basically im all stocked up.. (plus i have nolva/clomid) My current plan is: take 1 112mcg tab of t4 for 15 days, then up it to 224 mcg for 15 days, then back down to 112mcg for 15 days. I have read that the avg dose of t4 was 200-400mcg / day. Im not too worried about muscle loss due to winny/eq anti-catabolic aid. I guess my question is should i run the t3 mid cycle for a while along w/ the t4, and how / when should i incorporate the DNP? I did a first cycle of DNP and lost 3% bodyfat (12%-9%). Since DNP eventually messes with your t3 levels: shouldn't i be ok as long as i combine the t3/t4/dnp intelligently?

5'10", 200 lbs, have done one cycle of Sust / Deca 3 months ago.