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    help me create a cycle...

    first off i would like to say this board is without a doubt the most helpful place i have ever visited!!! now heres my story, the first time i ever juiced i was 19 skinny, didnt know much bout roids, so i just took staright sust 250 for 8 weeks, eventually got very sick and never finished the cycle... my second cycle @ 21 was a good one but my luck i got in a car accident on the 9th week of the cycle which consisted of dbol , sust250, deca ... shit just blew me up!!! but after the crash i was not allowed to work out due to the injuries i suffered.... well its 2 years later and i pretty much became a slob, outta shape and fat... but its been about 3 months now and ive lost quite a bit of body fat, havent measured but i can see the difference, i work out 5 times a week, my question is when should i juice it again, is it too early, ive got a great frame.. im 6'2" 210lbs 16-20% bodyfat... and second question... this is the gear i got at the moment, 2 @ spectro fina 20ml... 1 equipose 10ml ... 20 sust 250's ..... can anyone help me make a cycle, i just wanna cut up, and put on some quality muscle!! thanks for all the help and thanks for motivating me to get back in shape!! peace bro's!!

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    HELL - I got the last col
    IMO I would continue to work out for a bit longer before jumping back on the roids. I was in your boat awhile back and I have upped the cardio and gotten my diet under STRICT control. I'm now down around 10%bf and I actually feel i'm carry'in to much bf to do a cutting cycle now. But i'm going for a bulking cycle.

    As far as a cycle for what you have. You do not have enough to do a complete cycle. As i'm sure you know your cycle should be 10-12 wk

    I'm pretty uneducated about fina but i've heard mixed reviews of it in a cutting cycle. Some people get bloat some people get shred.

    I would hit EQ, Winny and the Fina since you have it. for a cutting cycle anyway.

    But IMO if I were you I would simply make sure to hit the cardio 5-6 days a week and get the diet under control and strict. Drop down around 10 or so BF then by that time you can hit a bulking cycle.

    JUST MY OPINION...Good luck with whatever you decide

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    Go for it dude! Get on the gear brother and get BIG! I would get another bottle of the EQ and run it at 400mg and 500mg Sus! have fun!

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