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    Thumbs up gear from ***

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    You gota be joke'n......... Hey Will, did U by any chance read the board rules? R U lacking in general common sense?

    I'm not trying to flame U here, but buddy U are just begging to get scammed... U are (just in case you are aware of your own actions) asking for a source openly; thats the equilevent of dipping your balls in a pool of angry PIRANHAS....

    I'm just gonna leave it at that... And hope fully you (or some one else) will delete this this post before more people see this....
    One more peice of advice: By now I bet you must have recieved a ton of PMs... Bro I'm willing to bet you anything that at least 80 % are scammers...
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    ....or all of them....don't try to figure out the 20% it's not worth the money you'll lose. We're all here to look out for each other.

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