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    how bad is Alcohol with this

    obvioulsy Alcohol with dbol is horrid on your liver, but how bad is it on your liver if your on a test or a test and decca stack? bloating might come into effect too but what are the sides of drinking some while on a test and decca or just test cycle

    p.s. sorry for this post i know its been touched on before but i couldnt find the thread, and i just wanted to refresh my memory
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    just don't drink on gear.why go through the dehydration/rehydration process even more than you normally have too.also alcohol is an anti vitamin so when you drink you flush out all the nutrients you work(by eating and supplementation) to put into your body.

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    AS is bad enough on you liver no reason to add a catalist to the cycle to better lay off the booze untill your done with the gear

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