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    Starting 2nd cycle next week...have a few questions

    Im starting my 2nd cycle next week. My first cycle was Sus250/mg and Deca /300mg per week for 8 weeks. I gained about 20 lbs on that cycle.

    For my 2nd cycle im planning to do 500/mg ttokyo Testonon( i have lot#19 so im hoping it wont be to painfull when mixed with the EQ) and 400/mg tt EQ. I have enough to up the eq to 5 or 600/mg per week...would there be any benefit to doing that. I aslo have plenty of Winny and Var.I was planning to use the Winny from weeks 6 - 12. What would be the main difference in results between using the Winny or the Var. I notice that everyone suggets using the Winny or Var for the last 6 weeks of the cycle. I assume thats because by then the Sus and Eq has kicked in. Is there any other reasons for using it the last 6 weeks as apposed to using it sooner in the cycle. Can winny or Var be used to kick start this cycle?

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    not good for jump starting with either of those, jump start is to give you drive/strength while waiting for long acting esters to kick in...and winny or var aren't going to give you much size or strength. and the point of using something relatively mild like winny or var at the end is to pyramid coming off a cycle while keeping some gains with a mildly androgenic steroid , good luck


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    running the winny or var at the end of a cycle will harden up the gains from the cycle.
    it also allows you to jump on clomid faster and possibly keep more of the gains.
    if you run the winny or var 2.5 wks longer then the test/eq, you can get on clomid 2 days out ,rather then 2.5-3 wks out.

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