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    Question Where Does The Clen Go????

    i am 5'4 145 pounds and i have been working out hard for the past two years. i want to put on some additional mass. i have purchased 14 amps of sus 250, 100 pills of clen , 50 pills of novaldex, and 36 pills of clomid. i have no clue what i should do with the clen.
    I have decided to do my cycle of sus 250 something like this
    250 mg for the first three weeks
    500 mg for the next for weeks
    250 mg for the final three weeks
    i will have clomid post cycle 3 weeks after my last shot of sus 250
    i will run the clomid with the 36 pill format
    i have 100 clenbuterol pills what should i do with them
    any sugestions would be real helpful
    thanks alot

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    if this is your first cycle it looks adequate, use the clen @ the end to get cut up. how many mcg per pill are they? then you'll know what to do, start off at a low dose about 2-3 weeks after your last sust injection, use 25-50mcg a day, work up to 100-150mcg daily, cycle 2 weeks on 2 weeks off unless you can get some ketotifen, on your weeks off use eca, some would say dont, but i've had great results with eca on the weeks off, good luck


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    Well I don't particularly like your cycle. What is the purpose of starting at 250 mg then going up to 500 then back down to 250? I would get more sus and run 500 mg a week for 10 weeks. As far as the clen goes unless you are trying to do a cutting cycle then I would wait and use it in another cycle or possibly post cycle.

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    6ft. away...but you can't
    From what I understand, you can use the clen when you come off to help keep your gains because it is anticatabolic.

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